What they say about Child of the Future

Jonathon Porritt CBE, leading environmentalist, author and founder of Forum for the Future:
“I enjoyed this! The children have done an amazingly good job here, and obviously worked very hard at it. This will have made it a most important experience for them."

Julian Pettifer OBE – award-winning television journalist, broadcaster and environmental campaigner:
"I enjoyed it enormously and I am full of admiration for the entire concept and project… delighted it is arousing such interest and enthusiasm… an excellent show.”

Senior Education Officer (1991) Friends of the Earth:
“…marvellous project for children …good luck with the promotion”

Cllr Chris Lloyd, School Governor:
“…all the hard work and creative effort were well worth it …was one of the highlights of being a Governor …great to get the children thinking on the major issues of the day”

Parent, Little Green School, Croxley Green (1991):
“…superb …enthusiasm is infectious …you’ve managed to light quite a few candles …special memories”

Mayor of Davis, California USA (1992):
“…It was with great delight that I listened to the music! What a pleasant surprise when I heard the words …It’s called Davis and I’d like to tell you more …the music is wonderful and the Little Green School’s rendition is delightful …I played it to the City Council and for the people of Davis via cable television. It was a great hit!”

Head of Music department (1994), Francis Combe Secondary School, Watford, Herts:
“…soloists and choir thoroughly enjoyed singing the variety of songs ...the theme stimulated ideas from the children ...they produced exciting work on the environment ...such a good musical”

Head of Geography department (1992), Westminster Under School, London SW1:
“…a good idea for an assembly, especially a geographical one, in a time when environmental issues form a strong component ...have used the songs with a number of different classes ...keen to use it as a school play”

Preston Street School, Edinburgh (1992):
"…our children loved singing it ...wide variety of tuneful and lively songs ...content was well researched ...complex environmental problems ...complements some targets in environmental studies curriculum ...flexible ...backing track particularly useful"

Deputy Head, Monteagle Junior School, Dagenham, Essex (1992):
“…brilliant, I loved it …the tunes are so catchy, the words are so clever and true, the children’s voices are divine …the message really comes over about how precious our planet is and how we might still save the future …I used parts of the musical to support class project on Energy …our school projects are totally integrated within our National Curriculum Schemes of Work …the closing song ‘Child of the Future’ has been used as Assembly music …sets a serene, serious and purposeful atmosphere”

Representative from Friends of the Earth and Watford Borough Council (1992):
“…I would like to say sincerely how much effect Child of the Future has had on me; both entertaining and moving, but always about things that really matter”

Deputy Head, Hurst Knoll Primary School, Ashton under Lyne, Tameside (1993):
“…May I congratulate you on the quality of Child of the Future …we will attempt to stage the production in the future”

Review of Child of the Future performed by Star School of Dance and Drama – Peter Mills, Head of Performing Arts, East Berkshire College:
“Rilla Paterson's musical lesson in caring for the environment packs a well-researched and concentrated message into a lively and tuneful format. Written for performance by primary school children, the show is equally suitable for enthusiastic and energetic mid- to late-teenage performers.

As they struggle to impress their fearsome ‘sergeant major’, a ‘dirty dozen’ of ecological undesirables learn about the damage they are doing to the earth, and what to do about it. They meet the molecules of carbon dioxide who cause the greenhouse effect; they hear the lament of the polar bears on their melting icecap; and the sun (a raunchy blues ballad-singer) tells them how to use her energy instead of consuming the earth's resources.

As we learn, we smile; and we are also moved, when Chico Mendes is murdered for defending the rain forests, or when a young soloist leads the massed choirs in the rousing theme song, ‘Child of the Future’.

At times, the messages come perhaps a little too thick and fast. But in the hands of an inventive director and a committed and enthusiastic cast, Child of the Future provides an entertaining and thought-provoking experience for the audience”.