Peter Mills – Head of Performing Arts (1991), Langley College, Slough, Berks, for his advice, ideas and invaluable guidance regarding the script and stage directions for the first performances.

Peter Kiely – Recording engineer – for creating the original 1991 recording at the NSR Studios, Parr Road, Stanmore, and for re-mastering the audio tracks: Peter Kiely Productions Kings Lynn.

Alex Miller – Head Teacher – and all the children at Little Green Junior School, Lincoln Drive, Croxley Green, Herts WD3 3NJ, for their interest and enthusiasm, and their parents for their ingenious costumes, and for the patience and cooperation which led to the first production at the school in July 1991.

Debbie Lane – friend and colleague, for her excellent instruction in harmony, her skilful and patient accompaniment and her unfailing encouragement in bringing the project to fruition.

Pat Knight – Director of the Star School Youth Drama, Elizabeth Harrison – Director of the Harrison College of Dance, Margaret Howard – Director of the Bushey School of Dance for their expertise in directing and producing the first public performances at the Pump House Theatre and James Theatre, Watford, in February, May and November 1992. These schools have now merged to the Margaret Howard Theatre Schools.

Jonathon Porritt CBE – for his book “Where On Earth Are We Going?” which provided Rilla Paterson with the inspiration for this musical. The book deals with the Dirty Dozen of the ecological crisis, but offers much positive hope for the future.

Cliff Lawrance for the cartoon drawings that illustrated the original hard copies of the script, programmes and publicity material, and many of which appear on this website.


The images for the Audio clips illustrating the songs are taken from the following sites: (three polar bear photographs) (United Nations University – Orkney wave power machine) (Creative commons)
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